Apanaka® Yoga

A Meditative and Relaxing Experience

Apanaka Yoga is a meditative and relaxing experience which brings you deeper into contact with yourself. It requires a 30-day commitment to daily practice and promotes wellness, energy, detox, general health and fitness. Apanaka Yoga combines philosophy, meditation, and breath-control into an interesting yogic experience that enriches your life.

The word 'Apanaka' literally means "non-breathing". The Buddha used the term 'Apanaka' to describe a special kind of deep meditation for personal development and mastery of self.

           "Apanaka is better than drugs"
                    - Apanaka Yoga course participant

Course Information

The Apanaka Yoga course comes with 7 hours of personal 1-on-1 instruction to support you during your 30-day commitment to daily Apanaka Yoga practice (45 mins per day).

Apanaka Yoga is unique: a modern science-based program, steeped in ancient eastern practice and tradition. Integrating specific, yet simple life-style adjustments with living philosophy and daily breath-control sequences brings about powerful and positive changes in a short period of time. As you begin to mentally and physically raise awareness of self through Apanaka Yoga, potent detoxification, weight loss and clarity of mind follow naturally, leading to higher consciousness and greater control over the daily affairs of modern life. In only 30 days, you will realize the numerous and lasting benefits of the Apanaka state of mind, as you discover a new and empowering life path.

During the Apanaka Yoga course, every few days you'll have a session with your Apanaka Yoga Instructor to receive new instructions and guidance. Over seven hours of teaching time you will learn all the Apanaka sequences with individual customization and personal attention to answer your questions and solve any issues.

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Apanaka Yoga Course:

  • Individually customized learning program.
  • 7 hours total teaching and support time.
  • With your personal Apanaka Instructor.
  • Teaching session take between
    30 and 90 minutes.


  • Improves your meditation and yoga.
  • Strengthens your health and fitness.
  • Promotes weightloss and detox.
  • Relaxes and concentrates awareness.
  • Improves your breathing.
  • Deeper self-knowledge