Apanaka® Sports

Improved Performance for Athletes

Apanaka Sports is based on Apanaka Yoga and expanded with active breath-control techniques for athletes with a high level of commitment who need the best possible physical performance.

What is Apanaka Sports?

Apanaka Sports targets the all important VO2 Max with a unique breath-control program specifically engineered for today's modern competitive athlete. Apanaka Sports enables athletes to extend the limits of their physical performance.

Program Information

The Apanaka Sport program employs a greater variety of exercises and a high and varied workload to ensure positive results for those already closer to peak physical condition. The Apanaka Sports techniques have been shown to increase performance, reduce body-fat percentages and give a significant boost to both the endurance level and recovery time of those participating in heavy cardiovascular activities. Combined with the natural aspects of greater mental focus and higher energy levels, the Apanaka Sport program can be just what is necessary to give the competitive athlete that extra lift which will allow him/her to make the breakthrough and remain at their absolute highest natural level of performance.

The Apanaka Sports program is conducted on a one-on-one basis and includes frequent review of your practice and monitoring of results and a close relationship with your instructor to get the greatest possible benefit, both mentally and physically, out of your commitment to the program. With the personal attention and the Apanaka App to keep your schedule, scores and observations on track, it's a no-brainer for athletes wanting to make the leap to "elite".

Real-life example. Grow your Apanaka Sports scores in one month from 35 to 170. Chart: